Section 4 (1)(b)
Nagar Panchayat Arki District Solan (HP) Department of Urban Development Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Functions & Duties:-
  2. Maintenance of street light system.
  3. Maintenance of Sanitation System.
  4. Approval of building Plans.
  5. All development work including c/o streets/Drains /Community Centers & etc.
  6. Registration of Death/Birth & Marriage.
  7. To attend the public complaints with regard to duties/functions of the Municipality.
  8. To maintain the sewerage system/Public taps etc. with the assistance of l&PH department.
  9. All the powers and duties envisaged under chapter IV of the H.P. Municipal Act, 1994.

a) Power of President of the Municipality:-
i)To Control the institution in all respect i.e. Call the meeting, Hold the meetings & make efforts to pass the resolution of development works and other works in public interest and development of Area.
ii) Accord sanction to execute the works, approve the rates after completing all coddle formalities and to attend the various meetings called by the State Govt. from time to time.
iii) To supervise all the development works being executed by the municipality & make payment of various bills.

  1. Powers of Vice-President of the municipality : In the absence of President the Vice President shall have all the powers of President.
  2. Powers of Members of the municipality :- To pass the resolution for execution of works in public interest and to assist the municipality to carry out its functions and duties. To bring the grievances of the public in the notice of the President/ Secretary.    
  3. Powers & Duties of the Officers & Employees:-
  4. Secretary :- Exercise all the powers specifically imposed or conferred upon him by or under H.P. Municipal Act 1994 and any other law for the time being enforce,
  5. lay down the  duties of and supervise and control offices and officials holding office under the H.P. municipality in accordance with the rules made by the Government,
  6. supervise and control the execution of the all works of the municipality,
  7. take necessary measures for the speedy execution of all works and developmental schemes of the municipality,
  8. have custody of common seal and all papers and documents connected with the proceeding of the meetings of the municipality and of its standing committees and other committees,
  9. to draw and disburse money out of the municipality funds and exercise such other powers and discharge such other functions as may be prescribed,
  10. to attend every meeting of the municipality and shall have the right to attend the meeting of any committee thereof and to take part in the discussion but shall not have the right to move any resolution or to vote,
  11.  Secretary is also Registrar Death/Birth & Marriages.
  1. Junior Engineer:-

I) To prepare the Estimate of the development works passed by the Municipality in its meetings,
ii) to call the tenders for execution of the works, preparation of bills for all development works & other Technical works,
iii) and all other duties provided under the H.P. Municipal Act.

  1.      Sanitary Supervisor :- 

i)Cleaning of filthy building or land,
ii) power to require hedges and trees to be trimmed,
iii) removal of latrines etc. near any source of water supply,
iv) removal of nuisance,
v) and other duties provided under the H.P. Municipal Act, 1994.

h)         Clerks
i) To maintain the accounts and other official works for the proper and effective working of the municipality.  
3) The Procedure followed in the decision making process including channel of supervision and accountability.                                                                                                                                                                       All decision are taken at the meeting of the house unanimously /majority, and after completing all coddle formalities the decisions are executed. The execution being supervised by the president/Secretary/JE & other concerned Members and staff.
4)  Norms set by it for the discharge of its function:-As per H.P. Municipal Act 1994 & other instructions passed by the Government from time to time.
5) Rules, Regulation Instruction, Manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions:-
Rules, Regulation Instruction, Manuals :-
            1 The H.P. Municipal Act, 1994 .
2 The H.P. Municipal Account Code 1975
3 The H.P. Municipal Service Act, 1994.
4 The Public Service Guarantee Act,2011
5 Municipality Disclosure Act,2009
6 H.P. Urban Rent Control Act,1987
7 Public Premises Act,1988 Rules
8 H.P. Municipal Election Rules, 1994.
9 The Himachal Pradesh (Delimitation & Reservation of Wards) Rules, 1994.
10 The H.P. Municipal (Reservation and Election to the office of President & Vice-President) Rules, 1995.
11 Himachal Pradesh Municipality employees (Pension, Gratuity & General Provident Fund) Rules,2000.
12 The Leasing out of Shops / Stalls constructed by Municipalities in H.P. Rules, 2001.
13  CCS & CCA Rules
14 HPFR & SR Rules
15 Medical re-imbursement, General leave, Leave Travel Concession , House Building Advance and CCS Leave Rules


The following records are being kept with the Nagar Panchayat office for discharging its functions.
i)      Proceeding Book.
      ii)     Death & Birth Register
iii)    Parivar register.
iv)    Marriage Register.
v)     Annual administrative report
vi)    Demand and collection register
vii)   House tax register
viii)  Rent Register
ix)   Cash book & Account Book.
x) Stock register
xi)  diary and Dispatch Register
xii) Stamp Register
xiii) Voucher Register
xiv) All the records regarding development work that i.e. Measurement Books, stock registers, complaint book, tender register and other relevant record.
6. A Statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control: -                               As in Para No. 5
 7) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation there of:-       Every Act & Rules and formation of Bye- Laws and imposition of any tax in the municipal area is done only after inviting suggestions & objections from the public/affected parties.
8) Finance & Audit & Planning Committee:-
i)    General Standing Committee.
ii)  Finance Audit & Planning Committee.
iii)  Social Justice Committee.
Functions & power as per section 50 of Municipal Act 1994